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Prostate Massage: Overview, Benefits, and More….

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

What is Prostate?

The prostate is located in the pelvis and it encircles the urethra and is located below the urinary bladder. In adults, it is around the size of a walnut and weighs between 7 and 16 grams on average, or approximately 11 grams.

How to Prepare for it (from the client perspective)?

A thorough shower can be taken prior to the massage, especially to clean the area around the anus. In addition, douching can be done for deeper cleansing. Moreover, on the day prior to the massage – lower consumption of water or liquids and higher intake of solid food or fibers could help individuals avoid discomfort during the massage. All these guidelines could be helpful for individuals to have a better experience, but not mandatory to follow.

How does the massage take place?

Prostate massage is carried out internally by fingers inserted in the rectum or externally by applying a pressure at the perineum in order to stimulate the prostate gland. Both the techniques involve the use of nitrile gloves and water-based lubricant.

How does it feel?

The prostate massage is gently done and therefore, it is painless. The experience can differ from person to person, as every individual’s body responds differently. In this essence, some individuals could feel discomfort during the prostate massage that is done internally, whereas most of the individuals find the massage quite comfortable, relaxing, and intense. Moreover, the individuals that try this massage for the first time, mention having a sensation or feeling, which they never had before.

Who should avoid the massage?

The individuals diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis, prostate cancer, fissures, or hemorrhoids.

What are the Benefits of Prostate Massage?

It could help the individuals with medical conditions, such as an enlarged prostate, prostatitis (prostate inflammation), erectile dysfunction, and urination hesitancy (difficulty urinating). This massage therapy may clear individual’s prostatic duct with excess fluid, which may reduce or relieve the related symptoms. It could also boost mental health or reduce stress of individuals in a direct or indirect manner.


The current research case studies that carried out to evaluate the therapeutic benefits of prostate massage are solely based on questionnaires filled out by the participants due to the lack of a control group, medical tests, or physical exams of any type. Hence, the findings from these studies remain weak and highly subjective.


Massaging the prostate too intensely can damage nerves, and thus, it is highly recommended that the person, providing the prostate massage should be trained or experienced.

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